Once you created your Planless.io account at https://app.planless.io/create-account and that you have verified your email address, Planless will ask for your name and your workspace name and bring you to your Tasks timeline.

Before starting to add Tasks or Events to your Planless.io account, we highly recommend that you first set up your team and their skills.

For this, follow our 2 help articles here: Adding a team member and Adding a new skill

We also recommend having a look at our other help articles of the settings section in order to understand how skill levels and estimation factors work.

Once you defined your team and skills, you can start Adding tasks and Events.

You can learn more about how to define your tasks and events in our related help sections:

If you need any help to get started, don't hesitate to ask any question to our amazing customer support available in the bottom right corner by chat.