Your account is accessible when logged into on the top right corner where you can see a little avatar or your own avatar if you already have defined it.

Just click on the avatar and on "My account" to access it.

You noticed that this is also the place to "Logout" your account.

In your account section, you can now:

  • Change your avatar

    Just click the "Modify" button on the avatar and choose a new image from your computer. You can then adjust how it should look by zooming in and out with the slider and drag&drop it into the masked area. Once you're happy with it, just click the SAVE button.

  • Change your name

    Just type in your name. Changes are saved as soon as you focus out the field.

  • Change your account email address

    Enter your new address and click the "CHANGE MY ACCOUNT EMAIL" button.

  • Change your password

    Here the procedure is the same than described here when you click the "CHANGE MY PASSWORD" button.

If you have any trouble, don't hesitate to ask us for help through the chat widget available in the bottom right corner.