At the top of your tasks list, you'll find our powerful search and filtering system. You can open it by clicking the "Filters" button.

It will allow you to create complex queries to show only the tasks that you want and save then this filter as a preset.

You can load and manage all of your presets by clicking the "Load a preset" link.

Structure of a query

You can create a complex query on 2 levels and bind them with and/or relationships.

So you can for example create the following:

( Task status is 'todo' and Affected is 'me and John' ) and ( Skill is 'Design' )

So here you will have 2 filters groups that are bound by an 'and' relationship.

Creating a filter

In order to create or modify your filter, you can click and different portions of it:

  • A filter by itself : it will allow to modify its properties
  • and/or : on each level you can change the conditional logic
  • "+": At the end of a filter group to add a new filter to the group
  • "Add filter": to add a new group of filter

You can also remove a filter from a group by clicking the cross that appears when you pass your mouse over it.

Saving a filter as preset

When you created a filter that you want to easily access in the future, you can save it. For this click the "Save as preset" link and you will be able to choose if you want to create a new preset or replace an existing one.

Load a preset

You want to use a saved preset, just click the "Load a preset" link and select it. 

You can in this selection panel also delete presets that you don't want to keep.