The tasks timeline looks very static but actually contains some hidden features.

  1. Changing the viewed period 

You have different ways of changing the viewed period of the timeline. 

First, you can select a period to be shown with the help of the "TIMELINE PERIOD" selector on the top of the timeline.

But you can also, drag and drop the timeline to the right or the left in order to move forward or backward in time.

Last but not least, you can zoom in and out by pressing the "Command" button of your keyboard while scrolling on the timeline. (Your mouse should be on an element of the timeline and not in a blank space)

You can also use the tools on the top right to reinitialise the default view (next 30 days) or zoom in and out.

2. Get information on timeline objects

When hovering elements of the timeline, you'll get tooltips that tell you more information. 

  • On task time bars, you will get WHO is going to work on a task and the estimated dates (Expected, earliest, latest). 
  • On due dates, you will get the exact date
  • On dependencies, before a time bar, it tells you on what the current task depends on, after the time bar, you'll get the task(s) that is depending on the current one.